Spark After Dark: Bon Appetit on October 14 at Telus Spark Science Centre

When was the last time you satisfied your adventurous, foodie soul to have fun around your people and favorite edibles? If you can’t remember clearly, it means you need to get a break now! For this, Telus Spark is going to organize a fun event for adults by the name of Bon Appetit. It’s totally an adult, 18+ event where you and your best friend will have a great time while enjoying great music, delicious food, and perfect beverages.

Date October 14
Time 7:00 PM (midnight)
Cost $26 with Spark membership
Age 18+ (Must have a valid Photo ID)

Since Telus Spark museum is known as an establishment to learn science and get connected with people of similar interests, you should also expect these things from this spark after dark bon appetit event. The good part here is that you’ll learn more interesting things about science, art, and crafts there but not in a bulky, boring way. What else you should expect from this event, let’s have a quick look!

Spark after dark bon appetit – What to expect?

Bar Services and Learning

During the event, full bar services will be provided with a wide assortment of cocktails and beverages to try. A separate section will be dedicated to the beer sampling garden where drinks and beverages from all the local breweries and distilleries will be offered to taste.

Not only this but you’ll get to learn about the 300 hundred years long history of cocktail creation. Jimmy Nguyen, the king of bartenders will take you and other attendees on a ride to bartending’s future.

And if you are interested in cocktail making then a special workshop is also being organized there in which you’ll learn valuable techniques of molecular gastronomy and reverse spherification. Using these techniques, you can gain the power of creating evolved and better versions of dark cocktails.

And have you ever heard of how wine is prepared by stomping on tons of grapes? Well, if you want to watch it with your eyes, you should consider attending the event. From there, you’ll also be taught this traditional method of winemaking.

Food & Snacks

Delicious snacks will be served during the events by the Telus Spark eatery and its culinary partners. You’re going to try food items that you have never and will never try. For example, they have super popular astronaut ice cream. Well, the ice cream is not something that real astronauts eat in space but from Calgary’s most popular astronaut ice cream cafe.

From Mercury to Venus to Mars to Jupiter, all the planetary flavors are offered, with different combos and insta-worthy presentations. Besides, a separate corner is dedicated to the specialty food market from where you can eat the famous items of your local eateries and restaurants.

And no, the event is not only about eating delicious food but also to cook it. If you’re interested in cooking, you can attend the workshop in which cooking demonstrations will be displayed, featuring both local and international cuisine.

Learn from Industry Experts

This Spark bon appetit is not only about tasting food and wines with your foodie friends but you’ll also learn some of the amazing marketing tactics from industry experts. Several educational sessions are being organized which will be conducted by David Harder, Sean Campbell, David McRaney, and Dr. Kathleen Hughes.

Want to know how the eyeball or heart of an animal works? What could be a better way than dissecting one? In the open studio workshop, you can get your hands on a real animal’s heart and eyeball and will dissect them under an expert’s supervision. Dr. Kathleen Hughes will teach you how our adulthood and personality impact our friendships whereas David McRaney will speak about how our mind changes and how we can control it.

And if you’re more into microbiology than psychology then you should take the session of Sean Campbell who will talk about fungi, their habitat, types, interactions, and their ecological, pharmacological, and cultural value.

Music and Stage Performances

If you’ve watched the season 1 finale of call me mother then you must be a fan of Queen Valerie Hunt. If so, you’ll get a chance to see Valerie performing live on the stage. With his crampy, silly, and insanely whimsical humor, you will forget about all of your life problems and laugh out loud again, like a carefree man.


The event will be held on October 14 and start at 7:00 PM sharp at Telus Spark Science Centre. You can join the party any time after 7 but make sure to hit the museum before midnight. Even though this event is for adults and above, it will end at midnight sharp.

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