5 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Calgary

Dim sum is a group of Chinese dishes that made their way into our lives as snacks but soon became the main course meal! It’s the perfect menu for family and friends to get together as it emphasizes the importance of sharing and eating together. And guess the best part! Despite being heavenly delicious, it’s not unhealthy at all.

In fact, some health experts have revealed that dim sum is one of the healthiest eating options out there, due to being low in oil and carbohydrates, high in proteins, and of appropriate bite size. That’s the very reason why this Chinese dish has become so popular all over the world. So, if you are looking for a good food point that provides the best dim sum, with the original flavors and essences, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’re going to discuss the best dim sum Calgary restaurants and eateries which are immensely popular among Calgarians. Read further to know the reason for their popularity and also to find out whether they are actually worth visiting or not! Let’s begin!

Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Calgary 2023

1. Bill’s Peking House

Menu http://billspeking.ca/
Website http://billspeking.ca/
Address #335-16061
Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB
T2Y 3S5
Contact details Phone: (403) 278-3338
Fax: (403) 278-3338
Operating hours Friday: 11am–10:30pm
Saturday: 10am–10:30pm
Sunday: 10am–10:30pm
Monday: 4–10pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4–10pm
Thursday: 4–10pm

Serving Calgarians with their authentic dim sum and Chinese menu since 1988, Bill’s Peking House has now opened four new branches in Calgary. However, this growth doesn’t lower their standards or dull their golden points as they are dealing with almost the same staff.

The majority of their staff members are associated with this business from day one and that’s why they have vast experience in delivering top-quality Chinese dining. In addition to quality services, they also pay special attention to their food supplies and products to maintain their strict standards of quality and safety. And no, you will never be served pre-cooked food, not even on the busiest days.

Whatever the food you order is freshly prepared and most importantly, their chefs must consider the special food requirements of their customers. For example, if you are allergic to a herb, seasoning, or any other ingredient, just let them know and leave the rest on them. In the kitchen, a complete screening staff is present all the time that screens all the food orders manually.

Customer Reviews

“Very good friendly service by the ladies here and the Peking duck was delicious! Took a bit of time to prepare but when it came out it was definitely fresh, and the pancakes in particular were done very well, also very fresh and just perfect softness and chewyness (at many restaurants it’s hard to get it right!). Will definitely be back to try their dim sum in the near future.” – Ashton Nguyen
“We went to Bill’s Peking House with my Hong Kong parents. They came visit for two months and have been complaining about the Chinese in Calgary until they tried Bill’s. We were very happy we found THE ONE here in Calgary. We tried many Chinese restaurants before but we found that Bill’s is very authentic but at the same time if you want Western Chinese food, you can have that options too. We went there for dinner but can’t wait to try the dim sum later. I am sure it won’t let us down ! My hubby already said we need to go back haha ! ” – Saron Wilkie

2. AROMA Dim Sum

Menu https://aroma-dim-sum.com/menu/
Website https://aroma-dim-sum.com/
Address 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW #606
Calgary, AB Canada
T3A 5K8
Contact details Tel: 15873526618
Operating hours Friday: 11am–9pm
Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 10am–9pm
Monday: 11am–9pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11am–9pm
Thursday: 11am–9pm
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Aroma dim sum is one of the biggest Chinese restaurants in Calgary where you’ll get to eat plenty of popular and unpopular dishes under one roof. The entire restaurant emits warm, traditional vibes which makes you feel like you are eating your favorite dim sum in an old wooden hut.

Pepe highly appreciates them for serving the original dim sum in which not even a single herb or seasoning is added more or less. This, in turn, shows how experienced and talented their chefs are. And the best part is that you get a generous portion in each serving. It doesn’t matter what’s the size of your appetite, a single serving will be more than enough to satisfy it.

Customer Reviews

” Been wanting to try this place out! I always thought this was a small place where it’s just take out, but that was probably because of the pandemic! Again it was a pub before but the inside is all freshened up and they are serving some good Dim Sum!! Portions were large and the service was good. Food came out quickly. Dim Sum menu was your typical fare. Everything tasted good!! Very clean and service was good. Would definitely recommend and another good spot in the NW Calgary!! ” – Nelson
” This is an amazing spot to eat dim sum! The portions are really great and the service was very friendly. I will definitely come back again! I ordered some dessert to go after the meal because I was too full and I know I would regret not getting it. ” – Berkies A

3. Silver Dragon Restaurant (Calgary)

Menu https://www.silverdragoncalgary.com/
Website https://www.silverdragoncalgary.com/
Address 106 3 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 0B6
Contact details Phone: 403-264-5326
Fax: 403-262-1575
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours Friday: 9am–10:30pm
Saturday: 9am–10:30pm
Sunday: 9am–9:30pm
Monday: 10am–10pm
Tuesday: 10am–10pm
Wednesday: 10am–10pm
Thursday: 10am–10pm
Takeout: 11am–9pm

Silver dragon is most probably the oldest restaurant in Calgary that is serving quality Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine. All of their chefs are from Hong Kong and China and know how traditional dim sum is prepared. They claimed that their expert chefs can prepare more than two hundred dishes which means you’ll probably see a lot of dishes on the menu which you’ve never even heard about before.

It’s a family-owned restaurant where several small dining rooms are created so you could have complete privacy. In addition to this, their main dining hall is decorated in a pan-Asian contemporary style which emits a warm and pleasant ambiance. The services of takeaway, home delivery, private dining rooms, catering, and banquet facility are also offered by them, making them a one-stop restaurant for every Chinese-cuisine lover.

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Customer Reviews

” Awesome place, exactly what you would expect to experience when you hear dim sum. Service is prompt, the carts with the dishes come around quite regularly. The variety is good too. ” – Mike Kula
” Authentic Chinese food as we had expected was wonderful and the service was great. After our fortune cookies they presented a rose for Mother’s Day! Very unexpected but was delighted. Thank you ” – Valarie Parsons

4. Magic Bowl Chinese Eatery

Menu http://www.magic-bowl.com/
Website http://www.magic-bowl.com/
Address 1215 Lake Sylvan Drive S.E.
Contact details Phone: +1 403-271-9366
Operating hours Friday: 11am–2pm, 4–11pm
Saturday: 11am–2pm, 4–11pm
Sunday: 11am–2pm, 4–9pm
Monday: 11am–2pm, 4–10pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11am–2pm, 4–10pm
Thursday: 11am–2pm, 4–10pm

If you are looking for a budget-pleasing dim sum restaurant which doesn’t compromise on taste and quality, this magic bowl Chinese Eatery is what you should try. John Gilchrist, the famous radio restaurant critic has confirmed that this eatery is his favorite cheap eat where all the dim sum contents are handcrafted.

Besides dim sum, they also offer a wide menu comprising elegant and sublime Canton food items which are prepared by hand to preserve the original flavor and essence. Their Shanghai noodles and Szechuan beef are the hot sellers which are claimed to be prepared by the original Chinese recipe. Although the decor and dine-in facility is limited, the taste and quality offered are undoubtedly a ten on ten.

Customer Reviews

” Went there yesterday with my friend for lunch. It was not busy which is great. Food was amazing especially the salt n pepper squid, beef short ribs! To die for! Very affordable, and our server was so funny and kind. Couldn’t help but give him a big tip. Would definitely come back to this place. ” – Janina Lou Morales
” Ordered some takeout dim sum. The sticky rice was delicious, and we loved the beef rice crepe. Reasonably priced and so satisfying. I’ll for sure be ordering again. ” – Madison Woods

5. U & Me (Centre St. SW)

Menu https://uandme-restaurant.com/#menu
Website https://uandme-restaurant.com/
Address 233 Centre Street South, Southwest Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
Calgary, T2G 2B7
Contact details Phone: +1 403-264-5988
Operating hours Friday: 9am–4am
Saturday: 9am–4am
Sunday: 9am–4am
Monday: 9am–4am
Tuesday: 9am–4am
Wednesday: 9am–4am
Thursday: 9am–4am

For all those folks who are highly conscious about their food choices, this U & Me (Centre St. SW) restaurant is a go-to choice. They claim to use only the freshest and free of-preservative ingredients in their cuisine so it won’t have any negative impact on your health, down the road.

Not only this but their chefs know the art of preparing the tastiest dim sum in the healthiest way possible. And the best part is that they pay special attention to keeping their dining area clean and tidiest so you can have the most satisfying dim sum dining experience. Their customers appreciate the way these guys cater to their demands in the most timely and friendly way.

Customer Reviews

“Samuel was amazing it won’t let me go back to Mark checkmarks on everything” – Jamie
“The food here is always amazing” – Emily

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