Ten Foot Henry Calgary Menu 2024 (With Prices)

Known as a heaven on earth for vegetable lovers, ten-foot Henry is probably one of the best spots to rest your feet during a day full of exploring, shopping, and sightseeing in Calgary. Even though this restaurant describes its super-diverse menu as vegetable-anchored, it meets no limitations when it comes to variety. 

The super-skilled chefs at Ten Foot Henry possess the art of incorporating any regular vegetable into their main course menu by enhancing its texture and flavor. In the menu, you won’t only locate more than a dozen veg-friendly dishes but also a separate Fish & meat category. 

For an influence, this all-day restaurant includes several types of cuisine on its menu, ranging from Italian classics such as cacao e pepe to Asian-inspired dishes. Let’s have an in-depth look at what the ten-foot Henry Calgary menu has to offer. 

The restaurant is open every day from 11-11 and offers a special brunch menu, along with their regular menu, on weekends until 2 PM. Their menu consists of three major food categories which are as follows:

Vegetables Menu

Menu Item Price in CAD
Henry Salad, Baby Greens, Tahini Miso, Radish, Crispy Shiitake $15.00
Caesar Salad, Kale, Chicories, Cashew, Egg, Pecorino $16.00
Salted Cucumber, Daikon, Walnut Beet Dip, Nori $9.00
Pickled Melon, Serrano Ham, Chili, Mint $11.00
Tomatoes, Herbs, Whipped Feta, Sidewalk Sourdough Toast $18.00
Maitake Mushroom, Polenta, Date, Frico $22.00
Grilled Broccolini, Tuna Tonnato, Agrodolce, Lemon $16.00
Fried Potatoes, Herbs, Jalapeño, Green Goddess $13.00
Charred Cabbage, Walnut Vinaigrette, Brittle, Manchego $21.00
Cauliflower, Gochujang, Sesame, Scallion, Ginger $23.00

Pasta Menu

Menu Item Price in CAD
Gigli, Kale Pesto, Pistachio, Grana Padano $24.00
Spaghetti, Cacio e Pepe $24.00
Tagliatelle, Pomodoro, Basil, Grana Padano $24.00

Fish & Meat Menu

Menu Item Price in CAD
Tuna Crudo, Chimichurri, Sesame, Crispy Caper $19.00
Hamachi Tiradito, Aji Amarillo, Cilantro, Lotus Chip $18.00
Red Prawns, Grilled Corn, Cashew Salsa Macha $25.00
Seared Scallops, Mojo Verde, Fennel, Soy Bean Chicharrón $33.00
Spring Salmon, Horseradish Almondine, Grape Gastrique $31.00
Roasted Thai Chicken, Pickled Papaya, Tamarind, Cucumber $38.00
Striploin Steak, Truffle Dijon, Gai Choy $41.00

The vegetable category starts with a Henry salad that contains tahini miso, radish, baby greens, and crispy shiitake. Caesar salad is also quite a popular choice among customers and is made with kale, cashews, chicories, pecorino, and eggs. Other dishes on Ten Foot Henry Calgary menu are purely vegetable centric and are made by mixing several fresh veggies with a variety of condiments, seasonings, and spices. 

For example, there’s a dish named cauliflower which is made with sesame, gochujang, scallions, ginger, and of course cauliflower. Likewise, a dish is prepared with charred cabbage, brittle, walnut vinaigrette, and manchego. For potato lovers, they have fried potatoes which are served with jalapenos, green goddesses, and herbs. 

Roasted delicata squash is prepared with coconut crumb, spinach soubise, and sage whereas they also serve grilled broccoli with lemon, tuna tonnato, and agrodolce. Other veg-based items of their main course include salted cucumber, tomatoes, and pickled melon which come with different types of dips and sourdough toasts as sides. 

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Ten Foot Henry offers three major varieties for pasta lovers. This includes spaghetti which is made with a pure Italian classic recipe, called cacio e pepe. Besides, the restaurant also offers gigli that is prepared with kale pesto, pistachio, and grana padano. Lastly, there’s tripolini pasta that is prepared with grana padano, pomodoro, and basil. 

Dedicated to carnivores and omnivores out there, this section is the most recognizable part of the ten-foot Henry Calgary menu. The reason is that all of its dishes come with a perfect portion of protein, vitamins, carbs, and fibers in the form of meat, fruits, veggies, and sprouts. 

Items that are added to this category include striploin steak, tuna crudo, roasted Thai chicken, hamachi tiradito, spring salmon, red prawns, and seared scallops. 

Various kinds of items are offered in their brunch menu to accommodate all kinds of preferences. For example, you may get the four-egg omelet that is served with fresh herb salad and whipped goat cheese. Or you may opt for sourdough pancakes which are served with maple syrup and vanilla whipped cream. 

Besides, the restaurant also serves ham & tomato toast with hollandaise and fried eggs. Avocado & tomato toast is also very popular which comes with hollandaise and fried eggs. Lastly, there’s double-smoked bacon that is offered with maple, cracked pepper, and pecorino. 

Just like food, Ten Foot Henry also offers a lot of variety when it comes to drinks. Whether you are looking for a decent alcoholic drink or something regular, they have it all. Their spirit section includes American whiskey, rum, gin, digestif & Amaro, Brandy, world whisky, vodka, scotch whisky, and tequila/mezcal. 

Besides, they also offer some very exciting, worth-trying cocktails which include Riptide, french 75, Silk Road, Honey Badger, Tough Love, PD Day, and Gift Horse. In addition to this, they also have bottled beer, draught beer, cider & ginger beer, wine on tap, sparkling drinks, and sake. 

Regular drinks they offer include a vast range of tea and coffee such as latte, cappuccino, espresso, and Americano. For juice lovers, they offer cold-pressed juice, house-made lemonade or iced Earl Gray, freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice, Phillips assorted craft sodas, just cranberry & soda, and true büch kombucha. 

The items that are added to the ten-foot Henry Calgary sweet menu are Asian pear galette, coconut cake, butterscotch pudding, dark chocolate & avocado torte, cherry stuffer doughnut, and cashew cheesecake. 

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