5 Best Spray Foam Insulation in Calgary

In this era of skyrocketing inflation rate, everyone wants to make our homes not only comfortable but also energy efficient. And the most effective way to do so is spray foam insulation. However, since the demand for this insulation material is increasing, more and more companies are jumping into the field, promising to provide the best services.

You can’t go with any service provider randomly since the defaulted spray foam insulation can put the safety and health of your family at risk. Remember that the insulation material comprises toxic chemicals that need to be handled very carefully. If an unlicensed, inexperienced man does the job, he might make some errors through which those toxic chemicals could leach out to your living space, contaminating your home’s indoor air.

Thus, to help our readers find the best spray foam insulation Calgary services, below we’ve mentioned top five companies, serving in your town lately. Keep reading to make sure you are getting nothing less than the best for your home!

Best Spray Foam Insulation Companies in Calgary 2024

1. Beyond Foam Insulation Ltd.

Concrete driveway building
Concrete pavement building
Concrete jacking
Concrete lifting
Drywall installation
Find more on their website.
Website https://www.beyondfoam.com/
Address Serves Calgary
Contact details +1 403-730-8080
Operating hours Monday to Friday: 7am–5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Although Beyond foam insulation Ltd. is relatively a newer name in the market, it’s giving a very tough competition to its competitors. It’s a family owned system which has been serving Calgarians since 2006 but even within this short time period, the company has earned great respect and appreciation from its clients.

They guarantee nothing but only the best spray foam insulation services. Also, they promise to keep the entire process super smooth and comfortable. Their professionals are committed to handle everything and every phase with utmost attention, including planning the insulation, executing the installation strategy, and the follow-up measures.

Yes, these folks are not only there until the installation gets completed instead, their support system will always be there to ensure whether the professionals have done their jobs right. If you face any problem after the installation or have any concerns, you just have to make a call and all your queries and concerns will be addressed instantly – Amazing, isn’t it?

Customer Reviews

” Very professional and friendly from estimate to job completion. They explained every step, and the jobs (insulation removal, foam, then blow-in) took the time they said it would take. Each time the crew showed up when they said they would (rare nowadays). ” – Anson Chappell
” We used Beyond Foam to top up the insulation in our attic as part of the Greener Homes grant program. They were the only company to respond to my request for a quote and were able to book the installation within a few weeks of the quote approval. The installers were clean, quick and professional. ” – Laura Smilski

2. Ideal Insulation (1979) Ltd

Services General construction
Gutter cleaning
Floor fitting
Water fixture repair
Air Seal
Attic Insulation Upgrades
Cellulose Insulation
Cleaning Out
Find more on their website.
Website https://idealinsulation.com/
Address Bay 9, 9151 44th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 2P7
Contact details 1-833-300-1580
Operating hours Monday to Friday: 8am–5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

It’s said that the success of spray foam insulation depends completely on the experience of the service provider. Considering this, the only way to get the most out of this installation is to hire someone who has been in the market for a long time, like this Ideal Insulation LTD.

This firm was founded back in 1979 and unlike the previous one, it’s a full-service business, covering roofing and insulation. And the best part is that they don’t only ensure to provide the best services but also promise to use the top-quality materials. That’s the main reason why the company has grown massively in the renovation and construction industry, way too fast.

And since they deal with different types of clients (property managers, public homeowners, drywall construction, and home builders), they also offer a wide range of roofing and insulation services, to meet their needs (including JM spider custom installation, attic insulation, and of course, the spray foam insulation).

Customer Reviews

” We had Ideal replace our old cedar roof, as well as repair/replace some trim and siding. They were very patient and great to work with throughout the process. We could not be happier with the end result and have had them back for small updates which were treated with the same level of service. ” – jamie marino
” Mike Wild at Ideal provided great service as our condo had a number of units with deficient attic insulation. He made numerous trips to assess the attic components and identified many with leaking vent connections that caused attic rain. His team was professional in connecting the vents and applying the added insulation. ” – Al Hume

3. Aztec Spray Systems

Services Attic Insulation
Foam Insulation
Open Cell Spray Foam
Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
Spray Foam
Spray Foam Insulation
Website http://aztecspraysystems.com/
Address 1 Bridlewood Way SW
Calgary, AB T2Y 3R6
Contact details PHONE NUMBER
Tel: 403.830.7669
Tel: 403.708.8523EMAIL
[email protected]
Operating hours Saturday 10am–2pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 7am–7pm
Tuesday 7am–7pm
Wednesday 7am–7pm
Thursday 7am–7pm
Friday 7am–7pm

Whether you want to hire an expert for spray foam insulation or to fireproof your home, this company has everything for you. This business is owned by two brothers who came to Canada about twelve years ago and decided to start providing services regarding fireproofing and spray foam insulation.

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At that time, these two youngsters weren’t as experienced but on working for different clients, in different conditions, they learned a lot. When their clients keep coming back to them for the same services, these brothers decided to upgrade the title of freelancing services to a properly established company.

Today, their customers appreciate them for their seamless, hassle-free services, along with their friendly attitude. Unlike their starting days, today, they have a wide range of corresponding services to offer with a promise that although the work they’ve done is not visible, the difference it’d make will be prominent.

Customer Reviews

” Aztec did a Spray Foam Job for me on a renovation of my house. Johnatan and his brother do very good work and the place is clean when they leave ” – Barry Ferguson
” We had Aztec Spray Systems spray foam on the walls, roof and underside of 3 enclosed trailers. They did an excellent job! They were punctual and very easy to work with! When they finished everything was cleaned up and nothing was left behind.100% recommended! We will use them again! Our trailers now stay warm in the cold weather !!!!! ” – jared peterson

4. Calgary Spray Foam Pros

Services Drywall installation
Exterior painting
Repair flooring
Air Conditioning Units
Air Sealing
Attic Insulation Installation
Basement Insulation
Blown-In Attic Insulation
Ceiling Insulation
Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation
Commercial Construction
Find more on their website.
Website https://calgarysprayfoam.ca/
Address 199 Dalhurst Way NW Site H, Calgary, AB T3A 1P1, Canada
Contact details Call: 587-317-5670
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 7am–6pm

Do you think that insulating your home’s tricky structure is not possible? If so then you should give a try to Calgary spray foam pros. This company claims to make any kind of living space energy efficient, regardless of how impossible it looks!

Their team consists of experts who know how to access all the parts of your house and install the best spray foam material there. The best thing about hiring this crew is that they treat your property with utmost respect. They won’t leave your space looking like a fish market nor would they make unnecessary holes or cracks.

All the services they offer are customizable which ensures all of your requirements are fulfilled. With their experienced, knowledgeable, and fully equipped specialists, they provide you with the confidence that you are handing over your property to the right hands.

Customer Reviews

” I have spent countless times and money trying to insulate my home and lower my energy bills, but nothing seemed to work. I was becoming frustrated and was about to give up when a friend recommended that I try spray foam insulation. I called Calgary Spray Foam Pros Pros since they had such great reviews! Not only was the process quick and easy, but it actually worked! My home is now more energy efficient than ever before and I am saving money every month on my energy bills. Thank you, Calgary Spray Foam Pros! ” – Dale Costigan
” I scheduled an appointment mid-September for a spray foam insulation quote. Gavin was professional and knowledgeable when quoting costs. The quote I received was extremely reasonable. The installers were great to work with and very professional, cleaning my home of any debris following installation. We can already feel a difference in temperatures in our home. I would highly recommend Calgary Insulation!!! ” – Gary Fleming

5. Attic Pros Insulation & Ventilation Services

Drywall installation
Drywall repair
Exterior painting
Fan installation
Flooring repair
Acoustical Dampening
Website https://www.theatticpro.ca/
Address 3603 Centre St North
Calgary AB T2E-2X9
Contact details Call: 4037144115
Fax: 403-984-3392
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours Monday-Saturday: 7AM To 8PM
Sunday: 9AM TO 5PM

Attic pros insulation & ventilation services have been in the market for about thirteen years and up till now, they’ve successfully completed more than 10,000 projects. Since it’s a family owned business which is run mainly by the owner or his family, you deal directly with the business owner, instead of representatives.

And since there’s no third party representative or subcontractor, you get a flat quote with no hidden charges. Before the professional starts their work, they will provide you with a clear estimate which won’t expand afterwards. In other words, prices are fixed unless you ask for additional services, amidst the job.

The company thrives for satisfying its customers and for this purpose, they keep on asking for the updates about the insulation. You’ll also get free before & after photographs so you can see the difference clearly.

Customer Reviews

“I found Attic Pros Insulation online and also Shawn responded promptly. He came in to quote on time and then did a great job topping up the attic insulation as he mentions in the quote. He also explained what material he was using. It was a good clean and quick job.” – Lee J.
“This company was excellent. What a refreshingly nice experience to have a contractor return my calls, provide a reasonable estimate with details, show up on time on the date promised and completed the job quickly and use drop sheets area they used, and clean up after themselves. They even ask me to have looked in the attic for the difference before and after. They were just wonderful!” – Sandra W

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