5 Best Sleep Clinics in Calgary

As the ratio of sleep disorders is increasing in Calgarians, so does the demand for sleep clinics. These clinics help doctors to diagnose life-threatening disorders like sleepwalking, insomnia, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement, sleep apnea, and REM sleep behaviors. Yes, these disorders are actually life-threatening and may cause severe calamities leading to a painful death.

Thus, if you want to get rid of any one of these nighttime disorders or behaviors, going to the best sleep clinic in Calgary is the very first step toward peaceful nights. And how would we know whether a clinic is better than the rest?

Well, it’s quite simple since all you need to search for is a clinic, located on the nearest range, with trained staff who not only contains proper accreditations but is also willing to provide education and follow-up monitoring. Considering these qualities, we’ve extracted the top-five sleep clinics, serving in Calgary. So just dive into the articles so you could actually live the phrase which goes by sleep like a baby!

Top 5 Sleep Clinics in Calgary 2023

1. Aveiro Sleep

Services CPAP therapy and equipment
Pulmonary function testing
Corporate sleep services
Website https://www.aveirosleep.com/
Contact details Toll Free: 1-855-852-2989
[email protected]
Address 10333 Southport Road SW
Unit 103
Calgary, AB T2W 3X6
Operating hours Wednesday 9am–4:30pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 9am–4:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed

Aveiro Sleep Clinic understands the importance of quality sleep in a person’s life and that’s why their dedicated team works their ultimate best to diagnose and treat sleep disorders of their patients so they could have better sleep. Yes, this clinic is not only about diagnosing your disorders & behaviors but the sleep doctors and therapists are also there to offer relevant services and therapies.

Since this facility is accredited by the CPSA, all the safety protocols are certainly being followed in the clinics. Aveiro has the pride to get accredited by CPSA for the very first time in Calgary and to maintain this pride, the facility is accessed and trained regularly so they could deliver nothing but quality care and utmost safety to the patients.

Customer Reviews

“Very accommodating and easy to deal with. Everyone here is very pleasant and professional and will answer any questions you have about any of the products or machines. While using a trial CPAP machine, they contacted me to ensure everything was comfortable and monitored my sleep quality through a modem to ensure that the machine was providing me with the proper pressures and adjusting as necessary. If you are having issues with your sleep or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I 100% recommend visiting Aveiro Sleep!” – Curtis G.
“The clinicians go above and beyond to help me with any concerns. They are excellent at troubleshooting, and will gladly and easily explain the daily results and trends. My daily life has improved because of the therapy.” – Dan E.

2. Healthy Heart Sleep Company

Services OSA treatment
CPAP therapy
Sleep therapy
Home oxygen therapy
Website http://www.hhsleepco.ca/
Contact details Tel: (403) 313-5910
Email: [email protected]
Address Bridgeland Professional Centre
206B – 1010 1st Ave NE
Calgary Alberta T2E 7W7
P: 403.313.5910 ext. 1
F: 587.352.8011

Deer Valley Market Place
7, 1221 Canyon Meadows Drive SE
Calgary, AB T2J 6G2
P: 403.313.5910 ext. 2
F: 587.352.8011

Notre Dame Plaza
1209 – 2827 30th ave
Red Deer, AB T4R 2P7
P: 587.815.6329
F: 1.833.909.2082

Operating hours Wednesday 9am–5pm
Thursday 9am–5pm
Friday 9am–5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9am–5pm
Tuesday 9am–5pm

Healthy heart sleep company is serving not only Alberta but also has expanded its family to Ontario and British Columbia. This institute mainly works to diagnose and treat the most dangerous sleep disorder; Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). For the most precise diagnosis, this clinic offers customizable and confidential services to each patient.

And most importantly, they happily educate their patients about OSA symptoms so they could check for it themselves, at home. On finding any of those symptoms, you can get an appointment for a diagnostic session. If you’re diagnosed with OSA, their highly experienced sleep doctors and therapists will start working on a treatment plan; CPAP therapy (continuous positive airway pressure).

Customer Reviews

“I have complete trust in the work that HHSC does. They have immense knowledge of sleep apnea and of its relationship to other medical conditions. Their client care and support is absolutely about health first. Staff have spent many, many hours with my elderly parent as her needs changed. I wholeheartedly recommend Healthy Heart to anyone searching for sleep apnea support.” – Pat K
“Very friendly staff and always had the best of experiences here, a great place to choose to come back and replace CPAP equipment on a regular basis.” – Grey Drafting 

3. Dream Sleep Respiratory NW Calgary

Services CPAP Therapy
OSA Screening
Oxygen Rentals
Website https://dreamsleep.ca/
Contact details Tel: 403-457-1127
Email: [email protected]
Address 202, 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW
Operating hours Wednesday 8:30am–5pm
Thursday 8:30am–5pm
Friday 8am–5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30am–5pm
Tuesday 8:30am–5pm

Dream Sleep Respiratory Center is a Calgary-based, self-owned clinic that has been serving Calgarians since 2011. They claim to be the best healthcare workers and promise to provide top-quality services to the patients, by putting their needs and preferences at top of everything else.

If you are suspecting OSA, you don’t need to show up directly at the clinic for diagnosis since the facility offers an online pre-screening test. You just need to complete that screen test, using their screen tool, and within a couple of days, you’ll get your results via email. If the results confirm the probability of OSA, you better make an urgent appointment for live screening.

Customer Reviews

“The team at the Country Hills location was very kind, patient, and supportive of me as I navigated numerous challenges adjusting to the CPAP machine, and my insurance company. A special shout-out to Janel who is amazing to work with! After years of being exhausted I finally feel well rested. Thank you!” – JP TyeDye
“My son and I have been clients of Dreamsleep for over 5 years. The team at DreamSleep are very knowledgeable and helpful and worked hard with us to find the right CPAP solution for us both. I highly recommend DreamSleep for anyone suffering with sleep apnea related issues.” – Leon Waldner 

4. AvantSleep

Services Home sleep Apnea testing
PAP therapy
Virtual care
CPAP Equipment
CPAP and AutoPAP Equipment
Website https://avantsleep.com/
Contact details 7783794779
[email protected]
fax: 778-379-4811
Address 8180 Macleod Trail SE #10, Calgary, AB T2H 2B8, Canada
Operating hours Wednesday 9am–4:30pm
Thursday 9am–4:30pm
Friday 9am–4:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9am–4:30pm
Tuesday 9am–4:30pm

The AvantSleep center is here to provide the best services from the comfort of your home and for this very reason, they are offering plenty of virtual and home-based treatments. For example, with AvantSleep, you can enjoy the most convenient sleep testing at home. For this purpose, the facility will ship all the required equipment to your home.

Besides, you can also purchase supplies and equipment directly from their online store. The best part here is that on signing up for a long-term follow-up program at AvantSleep center, you’ll get lifetime support on all the virtual care treatments and equipment purchased. And on top of this, all the PAP therapies are tailored specifically as per the patient’s preferred comfort settings and prescription.

Customer Reviews

“I was extremely fortunate to have Philippe as my sleep professional. I simply can not say enough good things about Philippe, he is extremely knowledgeable, but goes out of his way to use that knowledge to help you maximize your sleep experience. Philippe has amazing people skills and was incredibly patient and helpful with me. The help and direction I have received from Philippe has literally been life changing. Thank You Avant Sleep and Philippe.” – Blair Case
“Philippe is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about ensuring I understood my CPAP options (including onsite testing), and that he understood my concerns. He went above and beyond and I left comfortable with my machine choice and better informed. Highly recommend!” – Don K

5. Peak Sleep Clinic

Services sleep apnea treatment
cpap therapy
at home sleep apnea testing
sleep studies
Website https://www.peaksleepclinic.com/
Contact details P 403-265-8149
F 1-855-738-PEAK(7325)
Address Crowfoot Business Center at #3, 400 Crowfoot Cres NW, T3G 5H7
#100, 250 Shawville Boulevard SE, T2Y 2Z7
2520 52nd Street NE, T1Y 3R5
49 Richard Way SW #103, Calgary, AB T3E 7M8
Operating hours Wednesday 8am–4:30pm
Thursday 8am–4:30pm
Friday 8am–4:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8am–4:30pm
Tuesday 8am–4:30pm

The last name on our list is also CSPA accredited which provides professional diagnosis and treatment for OSA. Currently, this facility is working in several parts of Calgary including Village Square, Lincoln park, Crowfoot, and Shawnessy.

Their team comprises professional and highly experienced sleep techs, respiratory therapists, and respirologists that make the whole treatment phase smoother and more convenient.

These professionals are happy to help everyone – regardless of whether he’s sure about sleep apnea or not. And the best part of getting help from this Peak Sleep Clinic is that it doesn’t only offer gold-standard treatment but also tailors your therapy plan as per the severity of your disorder.

Customer Reviews

“I received my replacement machine at the Lincoln Park SW facility and spent at least 30 minutes with the Clinical Manager. She fully explained how the machine functioned and provided further care instructions I was not aware of from the first machine. I was able to set up scheduled auto re ordering for masks and parts which eliminates personal follow up – a very good and professional experience.” – Richard Voyer 
“When I was diagnosed with Sleep APNEA several years ago, I couldn’t come to terms with sleeping with a CPAP mask. However, I felt so fortunate to have Wiseread Lam take care of my needs. She is professional and shows genuine care for patients. With her patience, encouragement and reassurance, I finally found the perfect mask, and gradually gained confidence in and benefited from using the machine. Now I feel so much happier and healthier as my sleep has improved. On a scale of 1 to 10, Wiseread is 11!” – Cat Chan 
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