5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Calgary

Stuck in the criminal charges and don’t know how to get out of this scary situation? If so, then the only one who can change your life for good now is an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The judicial system is full of nuisance and navigating it could be highly intimidating for everyone. So, instead of taking action on your own, it’s advised to hire the best criminal defense lawyers Calgary services who can understand the whole situation and fight from your side.

For your convenience, here we’re going to mention the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary. Keep reading, find a reputable attorney and save yourself from this high-pressure situation.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Calgary 2024

1. Michael Oykhman Criminal Defence Lawyers

Services Criminal record expungements
DUIs and reckless driving defence litigation
Domestic violence litigation
Drug possession defence litigation
Felony defence litigation
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Contact details Phone: (403) 630-8835
Office: (403) 266-4440
Fax: (403) 234-0337
Email: [email protected]
Address 396 11 Ave SW, Suite 840, Calgary, AB T2R 0C5
Website https://www.oykhmancriminaldefence.com/
Operating hours Monday – Sunday: 8:30am–11:30pm

Michael Oykhman Criminal Defence lawyer firm consists of several criminal attorneys who are not only super knowledgeable about the juridical system but also extremely passionate about solving newer cases. These attorneys get in touch with each of their clients in person and discuss the whole case so the client could understand his situation well.

Since the lawyers of this firm are bound to be invested in your cases, they are available 24/7 for communication and discussion, informing you about every step. The law firm understands how stressful the financial situations have become for Calgarians thus for their convenience, it offers convenient fee structures and first-free consultation.

The company will find you the perfect attorney as per your case and budget. And by hiring a low-budget attorney, you shouldn’t think that you are taking in a naive person for help since each and every member of this law firm shares the same level of experience and wisdom.

Customer Reviews

” The best service one can ask for. Michael was a true professional when it comes to legal matter so resolution. I would honestly recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance. ” – D.L.
” Moira McAvoy was my lawyer on 2 occasions. She did so well on my first case, that I just KNEW I could depend on her to help me with my second run-in with the law. Moira is a genius, very professional, hardworking and reliable. She saved my life not once but twice. I am so happy I decided to go with this firm! Thank you, Moira! ” – T.

2. Dunn & Associates Criminal Defence Lawyers

Services Criminal litigation
Criminal record expungements
DUIs and reckless driving defence litigation
Domestic violence litigation
Drug possession defence litigation
Felony defence litigation
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Contact details Phone: 403.233.0443
Fax: 403.233.0907
Email: [email protected]
Address Suite 2610, 801 – 6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3W2
Website https://www.dunnandassociates.ca/
Operating hours Open 24 hours

Dunn & Associates Criminal Defence Lawyers have earned a remarkable reputation in the field for handling high-profile criminal cases. The law firm has been functional for more than forty years and till now, it has saved thousands of lives with its competitive advocacy. Besides handling your case inside the courtroom, the lawyers work for you even outside the trial room by keeping their communication lines open all the time.

The best thing about this law firm is that it doesn’t ask its attorneys to show only one side of the picture, to their clients. Instead, the lawyers brief clients with utmost transparency, about the direction in which their case is heading. Senior and highly experienced attorneys of this law firm have successfully handled and won various cases including sexual assaults, weapon offenses, drug charges, fraud charges, manslaughter, child pornography, and domestic assault.

Customer Reviews

” Greg Dunn and his team are the best in the business. They handle my case with great care and non-judgment. Terrific and caring lawyer as well with excellent support staff who answered any and all my questions. Greg was able to get all my charges dropped and I am highly grateful for his professional work handling my case. Top notch services! Also had a great payment plan which made things a lot easier not worried about paying all up front. Highly recommend Greg Dunn and Associates. ” – H.D.
” I can’t express with words the debt of gratitude I owe Greg Dunn for having taken on my case and helping me through an incredibly stressful and seemingly insurmountable situation regarding a DUI charge. I can emphatically say to anyone considering legal representation that this was truly the best investment I have made given the potential consequences a conviction would have made in my life. He was incredibly professional, direct and presented all of the potential courses of action we could take with their consequences. Based on his extensive experience within the legal system, his relationships within the community and his ability to adapt to any situation, he was able to have the charges dropped before even stepping foot in the court room. Many thanks Greg. ” – E.S.

3. Susan Karpa Criminal Defence Lawyer

Services Criminal record expungements
DUIs and reckless driving defence litigation
Domestic violence litigation
Drug possession defence litigation
Felony defence litigation
General criminal defence litigation
Petty crimes and misdemeanour defence litigation
Sex offence defence litigation
(Check more services on their website)
Contact details Phone: 1-587-888-7149
Email: [email protected]
Address Suite 201, 535 – 10th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A8
Website https://www.susankarpa.com/
Operating hours Monday: 7am–11:30pm
Tuesday: 7am–11:30pm
Wednesday: 7am–11:30pm
Thursday: 7am–11:30pm
Friday: 7am–11:30pm
Saturday: 7am–11:30pm
Sunday: 7am–11:30pm

Susan Karpa is another one of the most successful criminal defense lawyers, serving in Calgary. She has twenty years of experience, handling different sorts of cases, including high-profile ones. Up till now, she has defended more than 1600 clients with her exceptional advocacy skills.

Susan’s clients praise her professionalism and knowledge of the judiciary system. Just only a single consultation is required after which Susan can tell you about the options you have. She takes charge of everything, freeing you up from the hassle of trials, hearings, and case proceedings. With Susan at your side, you will be highly aware of potentials as she briefs her clients side by side, in scheduled regular meetings.

Major practice areas in which Susan works are child luring & pornography, sexual offenses & sexual assaults, weapons & firearms offenses, drug offenses, property offenses, impaired driving, manslaughter & murder offenses, and bail & release conditions.

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Customer Reviews

” I had run into some issues earlier this summer, I immediately contacted Susan and she was able to explain the process of the courts to me. She put me at ease and told me to go ahead and enjoy the rest of my summer, and that she would handle the matter. Susan was easy to communicate with via phone/email. Would recommend her to anyone in need of help. ”
” Contacting Susan Karpa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My matter was handled quickly and efficiently. Susan made me feel at ease during a very stressful situation with her knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend her for any criminal matter. ”

4. David G. Chow

Services Criminal defence litigation
DUIs and reckless driving defence litigation
Federal criminal defence litigation
General criminal defence litigation
Sex offence defence litigation
Administrative Offences
(Check more services on their website)
Contact details Telephone: (403) 452-8018
Fax: (403) 452-8019
Email: [email protected]
Address Provident Professional Building
Suite 212
4616 Valiant Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T3A 0X9
Website https://www.calgary-law.ca/
Operating hours Monday: 7:30am–9:30pm
Tuesday: 7:30am–9:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30am–9:30pm
Thursday: 7:30am–9:30pm
Friday: 7:30am–7pm
Saturday: 9am–8pm
Sunday: 9am–8pm

David G. Chow has been in the business for more than twenty years and up till now, he has successfully won 500+ cases with his advanced legal knowledge and incredible experience. David has successfully earned huge appreciation from his client base due to his reasonable diligence, dedicated practice, and ability to manage Criminal cases with utmost precision.

It doesn’t matter how complicated your case seems, the legal knowledge David possesses will be enough to keep all the trial-related nuisance out of the courtroom. And most importantly, David proceeds intending to prioritize his client’s needs and to turn all the odds in his favor. All these qualities would probably be enough to explain why he’s in our top five.

Customer Reviews

” His passion for his job is outstanding. He has absolutely incredible attention to detail. He was able to get the trial acquitted without me even having to take the stand. His prep sessions the week before court were very thorough and made us feel at ease because we were prepared for anything. From the very beginning he had a very confident approach to the case. David is extremely knowledgeable, hard working, detailed and an over-all great person. If your looking for a lawyer, your search should end here. We looked into a lot of lawyers and are so happy with our choice. We are forever grateful for his experience and hard work. Thanks so much David. ” – A.B.
” David has been working on my DUI case for the last year and has been extremely helpful and dedicated throughout the entire process. He was very straightforward about his thoughts about why I should fight the charges and broke them all down before I even decided to hire him, allowing me to make my own decision to pursue it or not. David was able to identify key areas of my case and present them to the court which eventually lead to my case being withdrawn and not going to trial. He was always available and constantly kept me updated on how the case was progressing. ” – GH

5. Cory Wilson Criminal Defence Lawyer

Services Criminal record expungements
DUIs and reckless driving defense litigation
Domestic violence litigation
Drug possession defense litigation
Felony defense litigation
General criminal defense litigation
(Check more services on their website)
Contact details Phone: 403-978-6052
Phone: 403-263-1111
Address Chadwick House
1842 14th Street SW
Main Floor
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 3S9
Website https://wilsoncriminaldefence.com/
Operating hours Open 24 hours

Cory Wilson is one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Calgary who promises to offer an unparalleled defense. However, the thing which makes him different from other lawyers is that he’s not in the business to steal your hard-earned money from you – especially during the times when you need it the most.

Cory claims that he is here to help his clients, coming out of these lawsuits hassle in the most effective, efficient, and affordable way. In addition to solving cases for people charged with criminal offenses, he also serves to tackle regulatory offenses and quasi-criminal offenses. In Alberta, Cory has fought for his clients on almost all levels of courts. And most importantly, he has the pride of solving some high-profile cases about homicides, drug seizures, kidnapping, and the biggest Canadian frauds.

Customer Reviews

” Cory is a superstar when it came to handling the legal matter that we needed resolved. We we’re with another lawyer who strung us along for months instead of actually resolving the matter quickly. I learned more about our options and potential resolutions on a free 30 minute phone call than I had in the previous 8 months with my other supposed lawyer! Apparently, you really do get what you pay for and Cory was well worth every penny. His commitment to get us a resolution was fantastic. He followed up and followed through on all communications with me were on his cell phone or email. He was reachable approachable and didn’t try to talk down to me with any crazy legal jagron! Again, thank you Thank you Thank you! ” – J.G
” Cory was very professional and stayed in touch as well as answered any and all questions I had. He made one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through very easy and I thank him for all his hard work. ” – R.G

Factors to consider before hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Even though the names we mentioned above are trustworthy and they can actually make a positive difference in your life, here are some factors that you should consider before hiring an attorney:

Check his license and service areas

The first and foremost thing to check in an attorney is whether he’s licensed by the government or not. Once certain about the certification, make sure you are hiring someone who lives in your state so you can get in touch with him, as soon as possible, in times of need.


It’s mainly the experience that makes an attorney better than others. So, make sure your attorney has vast experience in handling your case types. For example, if you’re facing charges for impaired driving, go for an attorney who has handled hundreds of driving-impaired cases up till now.

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