5 Best Waxing Salons in Calgary

Getting bare skin or Brazilian waxing services from a complete stranger can be quite an intimidating thing but professionals can make you feel comfortable, by going out of the way and showing courtesy.

However, it’s not only their behavior with customers that you should consider when choosing a waxing salon. Instead, you need to look for the hygiene level maintained at the salon, strict no double-dipping policy, price, customer reviews, and license of aestheticians.

Considering these factors, we’ve compiled the five best waxing salons in Calgary. Just dive into the article so you’d be sure about the expertise of someone who’s going to handle your very delicate & private parts!

Top 5 Waxing Salons in Calgary 2023

1. Sucré Body Sugaring Boutique

Services https://sucrebodysugaring.com/services.html
Website https://sucrebodysugaring.com/
Address 339 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A5
Contact details 4038020577
Operating hours Friday 9am–9pm
Saturday 9am–6pm
Sunday 9am–6pm
Monday 9am–9pm
Tuesday 9am–9pm
Wednesday 9am–9pm
Thursday 9am–9pm

Ashley, the founder of Sucré body salon decided to educate others about the sugaring method, after tens of poor and unsuccessful tries with waxing and threading. Unlike typical waxing, your body hair is not pulled altogether in sugaring which makes this hair removal method perfect for all skin types, hair types, and sensitivities levels.

In addition to this, sugaring enhances the smoothness of your skin and exfoliates it to increase rejuvenation. They claim that the sugaring results will last for over three weeks for first-timers but on getting regular services, the hair growth will reduce incredibly (up to one and a half months).

The aestheticians at this beauty salon use 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients to prepare the sugaring mix and no resins or chemicals are added to the formula. This, in turn, guarantees 0% damage to your skin. Also, the professionals there are quite efficient and can sugar your entire body within 20-25 minutes. Providing hair removal services for all the body parts (from head to toe), this Sucré body sugaring boutique is undoubtedly a one-stop place for all the beauty-conscious folks out there.

Customer Reviews

” I love coming to Sucre. Besides the salon and all its staff is warm and inviting, sugaring is so much less irritating on your skin than waxing. By regular visits to Sucre, my hair is now finer and sparser. I am happy with the results and love leaving feeling silky smooth. As a bonus, it is so easy to book in. I have been regularly seeing Hailey for a while now and can’t recommend her enough. She makes you feel so comfortable during your service and is quick, thorough, and professional. Thanks to everyone at Sucre who makes this a great experience every time. ” – Michelle de Man
” Loved my experience at Sucre! My first sugaring appointment was in preparation for my beach vacation, and everything from booking the appointment to the appointment itself was seamless. Hana made sure I was comfortable and was very professional and personable. Ashley the owner is so kind and goes out of her way to make sure you are taken care of. 100% I will recommend it to all my friends, thank you for a lovely experience! ” – Monique Regier

2. Sajjal Threading And Waxing Studio

Services https://www.sajjalthreadingandwaxing.ca/threading
Website https://www.sajjalthreadingandwaxing.ca/
Address Sajjal Threading And Waxing Studio Inc.
1235 17 Ave, SW.
CALGARY, Alberta T2T 0C2
Contact details [email protected]
(403) 700-6181
Operating hours Friday 10:30am–6pm
Saturday 11am–4pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 11am–4pm
Tuesday 10:30am–4pm
Wednesday 10:30am–6pm
Thursday 10:30am–6pm

If you want to get your body hair waxed at the calmest and most secure place, this  Threading And Waxing Studio is the right choice for you. This ladies-only body salon offers all sorts of services related to threading and waxing. However, the thing which makes them different from their competitors is that, unlike others, they listen to your concerns, ask questions about your body type, and give a solution accordingly.

Their combo deals are definitely shots to shoot as with them, you can get double services at an alluringly low rate. Besides waxing and threading, they also offer tinting services at the best prices. It hardly takes 30-40 of these artists to wax your entire body. The place is also quite clean and cute, giving off such warm, at-home vibes. All in all, this body studio is perfect in all aspects, whether It’s efficiency, preciseness, or affordability.

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Customer Reviews

” I’ve been seeing Sajaal since I’ve moved to Calgary and I won’t trust anyone else with my threading!! Sajaal has fantastic technique, always has an answer for my many questions, and tries her hardest to fit me in where she can with my last minute schedule! 10/10! Highly recommend it. Thanks so much Again!! ” – Kimberly Ann
” Sadia is amazing and very good at what she does! She is very humble and tries to help you calm down if it’s hurting. I am very satisfied with the services. ” – Gurbani Baweja

3. Sacred Beauty Wax Bar

Services Arm hair removal
Back hair removal
Bikini waxing
Brazilian waxing
Chest hair removal
Chin waxing
Ear hair removal
Eyebrow waxing
Facial hair removal. Find more on their website.
Website https://sacredbeautywaxbar.com/
Address 1181 11th Ave SW Calgary, AB CA, T2R 1K9
Contact details PHONE: (587) 582 – 4949
EMAIL: [email protected]
Operating hours Friday 10am–6pm
Saturday 11am–4pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 2–7pm
Wednesday 1–6pm
Thursday 11am–6pm

Have you been delaying getting waxing services from a waxing salon out of fear of judgment? If so, give this Sacred beauty wax bar a chance. The judgment-free studio is proud to offer non-binary services where you’ll feel super relaxed, beautiful, and comfortable.

The founder of this beautiful studio, Leah, decided to open this wax bar during the Lockdown year. Before that, she was working for some well-known beauty salons for over 18 years. Due to having such vast experience in the beauty industry, she knows all of its ins and outs but the area in which she specializes is speed waxing and Brazilian waxing. Here, both the ladies and men are catered to, making it a full-service studio for everyone out there.

Customer Reviews

” Leah, the owner of Sacred Beauty, has made my experience with waxing quite enjoyable. Between the amazing conversations, clean environment, and amazing work it has completely changed my waxing fears into something I enjoy doing. She is very quick with her work and is very precise with getting the little hairs. The products and technique has made waxing less painful compared to previous experiences. Leah is also very fast at responding to emails and text messages. 10/10 recommend to literally anyone. You will not be disappointed 😉 ” – Alyssia Tello
” I recently got my first Brazilian with a charcoal mask at sacred beauty wax bar with Leah. The service was amazing. Leah made me very comfortable given the area in which she was performing the service. She was very personable; it felt like I was speaking with a long time friend as we bonded. As a current esthetic student, she educated me on each step she was taking. Her hygiene standards are top of the line, nothing was touched without her sanitizing right away. She even offered private lessons for me to practice on her on her own time. The space was very cute and clean. I will definitely be going back in the near future for future treatments. A Very satisfied customer. ” – Aneilia Trumpet

4. Golden Peach Wax Bar | Downtown

Services Arm hair removal
Brazilian waxing
Chest hair removal
Leg hair removal
Lip hair removal
Strip waxing
Body Wax
Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Waxes
Brazilian Waxing. Find more on their website.
Website https://www.goldenpeach.ca/
Address 815 1 Street SW, Suite 602, Calgary Alberta T2P 1N3
Contact details Call Or Text: 587 327 0337
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday 10am–4pm
Sunday 10am–4pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9am–8pm
Wednesday 9am–8pm
Thursday 9am–8pm
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Golden peach waxing studio offers only Brazilian wax services but that doesn’t make them inferior to their competitors. To them, your safety and health are their topmost priority to ensure, they also wear gloves and cover the table with disposable paper. In addition to this, all the tools and equipment that are used in the process, like tweezers, trimmers, and scissors, are sanitized thoroughly before using them on other clients.

To help you keep calm during the process, the Golden Girl will guide you through how to feel relaxed. They don’t brag that this procedure would be 100% painless but they promise to make it as seamless as possible. However, the studio doesn’t cater to males but offers intimate Brazilian waxing only for females, non-binary clients, and pre-ops trans males.

Another distinctive trait of this Golden Peach Wax Bar is that they work on reducing the carbon footprint on this planet. For this purpose, they recycle their beauty waste instead of throwing it in local landfills.

Customer Reviews

” Best place ever!! My monthly appointments with these peachy ladies are always the highlight of my day. Reasons I love them. They are friendly, They are judgment free, They are consistent, They are fun, They make me feel amazing. I started coming here when Amie was a one woman show! To see what golden peach has become is spectacular! And I have never had a bad wax from anyone here. It took a couple of waxes after lockdown to get my peach truly fuzz free in one go, but it was worth the process. Also Amie does the best lash lifts in town! Could not recommend them more highly! ” – Danielle Crookshanks
” Super cute place! I have very sensitive skin and their waxing products and after care products didn’t cause any issues. The girls are all very professional and nice. I highly recommend these girls! Especially to Mindy (shout out!) Thanks babe! ❤️ ” – Kathryn Goy

5. Frilly Lilly

Services https://frillylilly.ca/services/
Website https://frillylilly.ca/
Address 106 – 85 Railway Ave SW, Airdrie, AB
Contact details 1-403-980-1883
Operating hours Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 10am–6pm
Tuesday 11am–8pm
Wednesday 11am–8pm
Thursday 10am–8pm

The last body salon on our list, Frilly Lilly, goes a little further and provides much more than just waxing services. Under the same roof, you can manicure, pedicure, nail, and hair removal services. Also, the salon offers top-notch accessories, jewelry, body care, and its signature bath products. Do you think you’re not yet ready for super-revealing Brazilian wax services? Start with the Alaskan, then proceed to Canadian, and Hawaiian, which will eventually give you enough courage to opt for the Brazilian wax.

Ab inclusive, warm, and friendly staff is maintained at the facility where everyone feels respected and welcomed. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned waxer, the professionals of this wax studio know how to handle everyone.

Every aesthetician has to undergo a training program on joining the Frilly Lilly family. During this training session, the beauty technician is taught professionalism and cleanliness & safety protocols. On getting your bikini membership, you may even get a significant discount on all services.

Customer Reviews

” I have been coming to this location for waxing and lashes for many, many years and the service never disappoints. Marissa is very talented, and knowledgeable and is a blast to chat with. I highly recommend this location as well as Marissa. Thanks Frilly & Marissa! ” – V Finigan
” Today was my first time being professionally waxed. Marissa was the lucky one to take care of me today. She is professional, made me feel very comfortable and did a great job. I highly recommend Frilly Lilly for waxing services. The studio is clean. My appointment was easy to book online. Parking is simple and ample. The payment process was easy and the pricing of services easy to understand! ” – Brad Koko

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