5 Best Cooking Classes in Calgary

Whether you are new to cooking or have been cooking delicious food for years, cooking classes can play a vital role in enhancing your skills. Over the years, multiple new methods and products have appeared in the world of cooking which could enable you to cook a storm without passing through a lot of hassle.

And the best way to learn about those products and culinary techniques is to join relevant cooking classes. However, you should remember that taking a cooking session is an investment so you should choose wisely to get the most out of it. To help you find the best cooking classes in Calgary, below we’ve jotted down our top-five picks. Keep reading to know why these classes are worth attending.

Best Cooking Classes in Calgary 2024

1. Chef Joey

Services Couples cooking
Group lessons
Private events
Private lessons
Team building event planning
Youth Classes
Corporate Events
Corporate team building
Home Cooking Class
Website https://chefjoey.ca/
Address 1431 40 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1W8, Canada
Contact details Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 587 777 9287
Opening hours Sunday: Open 24 hours
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours

Joseph Bagnerise, also known as Chef Joey, started cooking delicious meals when he was too young. He learned the basics from his brother who is also a chef and then moved to North America from where his career took him to Canada and USA. He worked for a number of food groups, restaurants, and Bistros. Then he moved to Calgary where he began offering cooking classes.

Today, his academy is the proud winner of Calgary Inc’s Best Place to Work award. During the COVID, he turned his kitchen into a studio and started to share what he knows about cooking with everyday home cooks. Today, he offers open adult classes where like-minded folks could have a chance to interact and learn fun tricks to create yummy meals. You are encouraged to ask questions during class or heckle and the only limit is the sky.

And if it’s not you but your kid who has an intimate passion for cooking then Chef Joey has something for them too. In his special kids’ cooking classes, he teaches basic cooking and culinary skills to kids. Children above 3 and up to 15 years can attend the classes from home, under adult supervision. On signing up for the class, you’ll receive a class agenda, recipes, zoom link, and shopping list from chef Joey. To be able to learn and enjoy fully from the class, you better set your table beforehand.

Customer Reviews

” Incorporates all my favorite things about cooking. You laugh, learn, drink, and then you get to enjoy an incredible meal. Chef Joey is hands down, the best cooking class in the city! ” – Katie Yarn
” I was given this great cooking evening for Mother’s Day, by my daughters,  as we all joined in to make a delightful, delicious array of dishes.  Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Blackened Shrimp Salad and Cornbread.  Yummy!! I enjoyed Chef Joey’s easy going personality, his humor, and delightful stories.  I highly recommend a family cooking class to share, all together, or from home destinations on line. ” – JoAnne Watson

2. Cuisine et Château

Services Professional cooking
Catering Services
Corporate Events
Virtual Cooking Class
Website https://www.cuisineandchateau.com/
Address 103, 227 – 10 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1V5
Contact details Phone: 403.764.2665
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours Opens 24 hours

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, cooking enthusiasts will find something of interest in their wide assortment of classes. They keep their classes and sessions small so they could match your schedule easily. Their top-notch interactive culinary center is perfectly designed to create an ideal learning environment for hands-off classes, hands-on classes, themed education dinners, and tasting events.

They have a team of professional instructors who love sharing their enthusiasm and passion for creating great meals. Based on the session you pick, you’ll be thoroughly guided through each step of a three-course course meal or focusing on a single technique or product that will enhance your overall cooking skills.

On attending one of their hands-on classes, you’ll also be taking home a recipe booklet, customized utensils, and a happy full belly. Like the previous one, this cooking center also offers a hands-on kids program for children from 8-12 years old. And if one of your beloved ones has a passion for cooking and learning new techniques, you can give him or her one of their gift certificates and gift boxes as a gift.

Customer Reviews

” Highly recommend the cooking classes! We tasted Spain and it was amazing! Daniel was an amazing teacher, he gave great tips and tricks and was very engaging! Absolutely loved it! ” – Catherine Masou
” I recently attended The Art of Wine hosted by Sommelier Laurie MacKay. She did a wonderful job of teaching me the finer points of wine tasting while keeping me entertained with her stories about the winemakers and the history of the grapes and regions in which the wines are made. The five wines that we tasted were varied and accompanied by delicious food. Great value for the money. I highly recommend attending one of Laurie’s classes. ” – Laura Wikant

3. Roni’s Kitchen

Services Online vegan cooking classes
Website https://roniskitchen.com/
Address Virtual classes
Contact details [email protected]
Class hours Accessible 24/7

The next name of our list is for those who love plant-based food and have dedicated their lives to a fully vegan lifestyle. Roni is also one of those people and turned herself into a die-hard vegetarian when she was eleven years old. Today, she possesses extreme love of sharing her enthusiasm and passion for healthy, delicious foods through a vast range of online cooking classes.

During the class with Roni, you’ll get to know easy-to- follow, step-by-step, mouth-watering recipes which are famous all around the planet. Since 2014, Roni has been offering in-person cooking classes but now she’s more into providing cooking sessions virtually so anyone across the world could learn from her.

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From Thai to Indian, Mediterranean to Persian, she can teach you about cooking all kinds of food. Almost all of her classes are priced at $59 but you can also purchase her 9-class bundle which covers all of her classes only for $441. There’s no time limit and you can learn at your own pace, as long as her website is Live. On purchasing one of the courses, you’d be able to get access to the relevant content which will consist of video tutorials, written notes, and recipes.

Customer Reviews

” What an incredible woman running a thoughtful kitchen that is close to her heart. Her new cookbook is beautiful and her class was such a delight. Food was delicious, easy to follow along, and very affordable. Can’t wait to take the Persian cooking class. Highly recommend all things in Roni’s kitchen 🙂 ” – Julie Rabnett
” Took Roni’s Thai vegan cooking class with my mom and her husband. It was an awesome experience and my mother appreciated how relaxed and casual the class was. Roni was very helpful in answering any questions my non-vegan mom has about vegan cooking. Even as a vegan I learned a bunch of new tips and tricks in the kitchen. The food was excellent and delicious. Looking forward to attending another class next time I’m in Calgary.” – Aaron Kuntz

4. Nini’s Cooking Class

Services Adult Classes, After School Programs, After School Program, Baking Classes, Birthday Celebrations, Birthday Party, Cooking Classes, Cooking Courses, Cooking Lessons, Cooking Skills
Website https://niniscookingclass.ca/
Address (SW) West Springs Church: 816-78th Street SW, Calgary, AB T3H 6B1
Address (SE) Southview Church: 20200 Walden Blvd, SE Calgary, AB T2X 0N4
Contact details Phone: 403.966.3604, Email: [email protected]
Class hours Sunday: 1:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4 pm – 8 pm
Thursday: 4 pm – 6:30 pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm

Nini kitchen was opened with the mission of teaching kids from a young age about healthy food and how to prepare it. Nini believes that learning about healthy food and developing healthy eating habits is essential for a kid’s healthy life. With this belief and mission in mind, the kitchen started offering a wide range of cooking classes for kids to enable them to create the yummiest meals which not only boost their passion for creating recipes on their own but also to develop good lifelong eating habits.

In their cooking classes, a fun and interactive environment is provided to kids so they could learn not only about hands-on cooking skills but also about the basics of health & nutrition while exploring new recipes and gaining confidence to experiment with ingredients in the kitchen.

Their experienced and well-educated instructors will make sure that your kids are doing everything safely while developing an appreciation and enthusiasm for home-cooked food. Besides kids’ classes, Nini kitchen also offers adult programs with the mission of providing an empowering and safe environment to youth where they can have the utmost independence and confidence to learn and develop impressive culinary and cooking skills.

Customer Reviews

” My fiancé and I attended the Taste of AfriCaribbean cooking class where we made a delicious Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken with Rice and Beans. We absolutely loved the food and the experience. Nini was very nice and helpful throughout the whole class. We recommend 100% taking any of the cooking classes with Nini. ” – Andres Capobianco
My 8yo daughter attended Nini’s Caribbean class last year, and she talks about it to this day! Nini showed her the ins and outs of food safety and knife safety while making a delicious traditional meal. Made her Papa (the family chef) proud, as she continues to happily join us in the kitchen to build her skills! Such an invaluable skill to learn for all ages….it is never too late. ” – Brandi Starecki

5. Blue Flame Kitchen Events Centre

Services Corporate events, Buffet-style, Catering, Christmas Parties, Cocktail Reception, Cooking Class, Corporate Event, Culinary Classes, Formal Dinners, Holiday Parties
Website https://www.atcoblueflamekitchen.com/
Address ATCO Park, 5302 Forand Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T3E 8B4
Contact details General Inquiries: 403-245-7630, Events & Classes: 403-700-7621
Opening hours Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8 am – 3 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 3 pm
Wednesday: 8 am – 3 pm
Thursday: 8 am – 3 pm
Friday: 8 am – 3 pm
Saturday: Closed

The last on our list is blue flame Kitchen – a cooking center which has been helping folks get comfortable in their kitchens since 1929. In those days, the center set up a special home service department where they used to teach Calgarians about how to use modern cooking appliances. However, today, they are taking pride in teaching a variety of cooking and culinary techniques to their fellow Albertans, executing culinary events, developing a wide range of elevated, local food products, and sharing their cooking learning, experience, and offerings.

Due to being in the field for a very long time, they know about a lot of home and food trends that came and went. This enables them to not only improve their cooking techniques but also discard faulty ones. Their chefs have a diverse mixture of cooking backgrounds, with an experience of more than 200 years. They’ll be more than pleased to host you during the cooking classes, both virtually and in person.

Customer Reviews

” I attended an online cooking class with my mom and was very impressed. The chef that taught the class was very engaging and went at a manageable pace. The food we made was delicious and I will definitely revisit the recipes in the future. I look forward to signing up for more classes soon! ” – Andrea Wetmore
” Such a fun event! Learned a lot and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Our chef was a lot of fun and kept us entertained while we cooked, which can be a struggle with a virtual event. Definitely look forward to doing an in person event in the future! ” – Lori Bradley

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